JOIN US on the Comuna 13 Tour and discover the turbulent history and miraculous transformation of the COMUNA 13 district in Medellin, once considered the most dangerous neighborhood in Colombia.

Schedule: Monday - Sunday 

Time: 10:00am, 4 hours  AND  3:00pm, 4 hours
** Inquire about other times

Meeting Point: Poblado Metro station CALLE 10 main entrance steps from the ticket booth. The guide will be in front of the large Virgin Mary display against the windows overlooking the river.

** Uber/Taxi  " Estacion POBLADO del metro "
PRICE: $100,000 Colombian pesos, payable to the guide on the tour.

RECOMMENDED: Comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, water, camera.

Questions and Reservations 
Thursday, April 18th, local residents of Comuna 13 participated in community clean up

If there is something to infer from this particular story or that of the comuna in general, it’s that the power of community is inestimable. After all, it’s through community that the district, once known as the world’s deadliest place, has transformed into the economic, cultural and touristic nexus that we all recognize today.  - MethodMedellin
"Amazing and Informative"

We went into the Comuna, rode the escalera electrica, rode the Metrocable, saw tons of street art, visited the library to see the changes brought about by the Metrocable and how the library was more than a place for books but an entire community center.  - TripAdvisor Review
"This is an absolutely well worth it tour!"

First of all I must say that I don't know how many people are on the public tour, but I wanted it to be intimate for the 9 of us, so I paid more to do a private tour. Carlos - what an absolute excellent guide! He told us everything and more, and did it with so much enthusiasm it was just great!  - TripAdvisor Review
"Amazing experience with informative guide!"

This was one of my favourite bits of my trip to Colombia. It was first day in Medellin and the guide was extremely enthusiastic about the positive change in the city. He gave detailed accounts of his own experiences as well as those of others raging from positive to the very negative.  - TripAdvisor Review
"Comuna 13 is a must do"

If you have the time I would recommend the Comuma 13 walking tour while visit Medellin. Comuna 13 was one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Medellin but because of the metrocable and escalators it is now safe and has made the lives of the residents better.  - TripAdvisor Review
"Brilliant tour of a wonderful city"

This was a very worthwhile tour. The guide Carlos made it so interesting and within 5 minutes had learnt all our names - a group of 9. His English is good and he knows almost all the locals where he is welcomed as we were too.   - TripAdvisor Review
"Interesting and informative"

Our guide, Andres, was very generous with his time and insights about Medellin in general and Comuna 13 in particular - with a particular focus on the street art in the area, which tells many interesting stories. We feel like we had a window into a part of the city otherwise off limits to tourists.  - TripAdvisor Review
"Impressed by the transformation of Comuna 13"

Back in the days one of the most feared and violent barrios in South-America and in particular Colombia. Now the symbol of the new Medellin! This tour is a Must Do! It's very impressive to walk up the steep hills and see how the people live in this crowed comuna. The guide (Andres) is able to tell you lots of interesting facts about the development of this barrio,  - TripAdvisor Review
Medellin: Comuna 13 Tour
The Comuna 13 Tour is rated one of the top five tours in Medellin by TripAdvisor
Comuna 13 Tour in Medellin, Colombia
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