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Comuna 13, San Javier Exclusive Daily Walking Tours in Medellin

This exclusive Comuna 13 walking tour in Medellin begins with a ride on the metro cable cars in San Javier District. The cable cars were developed as an alternative form of public transportation for local residents in Comuna 13.

Afterwards, guest on the tour will walk toward Comuna 13 were we will than hike up the hillside until reaching the outdoor electric escalators which are the longest outdoor escalators in the world. The district of Comuna 13 clings to a steep hillside, for many years the 12,000 residents of this community had to make the precarious climb up hundreds of concrete steps, comparable to climbing a 28 story building, but now the giant electric escalators reduces their daily commute from thirty-five minutes down to six minutes.

The observation deck at the top of Comuna 13 offers guests incredible panoramic views of Medellin, Colombia.

Exclusive Daily Walking Tour in Medellin's Comuna 13 District

Comuna 13 Daily Walking Tour departs from El Poblado metro station off Calle 10 at 10:OOam.
Tour Fee includes metro, cable ride * $70,000 pesos per person.

Reservations Required In Advance

For reservations and questions, contact us
Innovative Urban Renewal in Comuna 13, One Of The 16 Comunas In Medellin, Colombia
Discover The Transformation of Comuna 13, Once Considered The Most Dangerous Area in Medellin
*** Medellin was chosen by popular vote through the internet as the number one most "Innovative City of the Year" in a contest organized by The Wall Street Journal and Citigroup in 2013. The distinction was made for its modern transportation system, public library, escalators built in the hillside barrio of Comuna 13 and schools that have allowed the integration of society.
''Comuna 13 Tours offers travelers a unique opportunity to explore another side of Medellin outside of the popular tourist district of El Poblado. I loved all the bright and colorful homes at the top of the outdoor escalators in Comuna 13. The residents in the area were very pleasant and easily approachable. The children smiled and waved as the gringos explored their community. The ride up the metro cable cars opened my eyes to the daily struggles of residents in the multiple communities down below. I have deep admiration for the hardworking locals who somehow manage to appreciate life, living each day to the fullest. I would say that this is the real Medellin tours.'' - Tom Sullivan, NYC
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